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30 Pageant Charity Projects Ideas For Beauty Queens

Beauty pageant charity projects are an integral part of pageantry. As a beauty queen, you must leave an impact in your community by either partnering with charitable organizations or spearheading your own pageant cause.

The most popular idea for beauty pageant charity projects in Kenya and indeed, most of Africa, is menstrual health and sanitary pads distribution.

While this is a good thing because the extent of menstrual poverty in our region is worrying, there are plenty of other projects you can do outside of menstrual health which are just as impactful.

1. Sexual health education for teenagers.
2. Financial literacy for youth/women
3. Waste control
4. Endometriosis awareness
5. Senior citizen care and visiting homes of the elderly
6. Programmes targeting boy child
7. Drug abuse in high schools
8. Starting libraries in centres for People Living With Disabilities
9. Volunteering at centres for kids with neuro-diverse disabilities
10. Toys and dolls drive for children
11. Free legal aid clinics
12. Beach clean upsy
13. Mental health for women in sports
14. Gender-based violence awareness
15. Create a platform for discussing and mitigating domestic violence against men
16. Book drive
17. Distributing bins in streets and town centres
18. Career guidance for students in high school
19. Food drive
20. Visit children’s hospitals
21. Give makeover
22. Clothe drive
23. Host a catwalk
24. Advocate against poaching
25. Tree planting in schools
26. Peer  counselling
27. Tuberculosis awareness
28. Child marriage
29. Rescue centre for victims of rape
30. Gender-based violence for males

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