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38 Unique Sportswear Category Ideas for Beauty Pageants

If you have participated in a Kenyan beauty pageant then you must have bumped into the sportswear category.

Some people might find this category especially stressful because the probability of finding another peeps dressed exactly the same as you is very high.

You will rarely find this category in major beauty pageants, but when it comes to college pageants and other smaller pageants you can almost bet your hair this category will be there.

For sports wear category, if you are doing something outside the normal sports, you have to use props to show people what you are alluding to.

Otherwise you will leave the stage with nobody knowing exactly what that constume was about.

You can also choose the more cliché sports wear but add a unique twist to it.

Here are some great and unique sports wear ideas for beauty pageants.N

None of the pictures used here belong to us

American soccer players

Motor racing


Ice hockey/ Puck


Martial arts

Life guard


Tennis player

Baseball fan

Baseball player

Running gear


Ice skating

Bachata dancers

Gym outfit


Weight lifter

Baseball coach

Basketball player

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