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6 Things You Should do Immediately After Being Crowned

You have prepared for your competition, competed and thankfully won! It must be a great feeling and you probably just want to sit down and soak in your win. That’s great, but there are some things that define your reign that you should do as fast as possible before you officially begin work as a new titleholder.

1. Get your crown, certificate and sash

Some organisations give the official crown and sash after the crowning, so be sure to collect both after being crowned. Certificates are very very important, as they are proof to your winning, sometimes the sash and Crown is not enough.

2. Sign contract

Sign a contract with the organization that the pageant falls under. The contract will guide you throughout your reign and will list your responsibilities as well as the organization’s responsibilities is supporting your reign. Be sure to point out the terms of the contact that you find uncomfortable, so that you and the organization may reach an amiable compromise. Once you sign the contract it becomes binding.

3. Update your social media

Update your social media to read your newest title. Be sure to indicate the advocacy/cause or Charity you will be undertaking because it will become your brand henceforth. Do away with photos/posts that are not reflective of your stature as a queen/king and ambassador of your organization.

4. Have an official photoshoot

Your pictures will be used for publicity and brand awareness. Have a formal photoshoot with your sash and crown within one week of crowning. Those will be important any time you are covered in the various media.

5. Thank your sponsors

Immediately after being crowned, thank your sponsors. Call and message them, take to social media to the same and later on, try hard to meet them and thank them in person. You most likely will need them again in future, apart from just being thankful to people who walked with you.
Also thank the organization in charge of your pageant, your trainers, your choreographers and, most importantly, your fellow contestants.

6. Formally introduce your pet project

Introduce your pet project formally and highlight the activities you intend to undertake in the course of your reign. If possible mention the organizations you would like to partner with too. Even if you had introduced it before, do it again because this time the focus is on you alone.

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