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7 Best Pageants for Plus Size Ladies in Kenya

Which are the best pageants for plus size ladies in Kenya?

While most pageants are scraping off the weight and height requirements for contestants, others choose to remain stubborn and impose impractical physical requirements.

The pageant scene is very dynamic and as it evolves, pageant industry stakeholders have to grow right along with it. To keep up, pageants may need to cater to the needs of the 2021 girl who no longer buys into the one body size fits all charade.

Luckily, there are many pageants for plus size women in Kenya who may not fall under the 36-24-36 category.

Best beauty pageants for plus size women in Kenya

Miss Earth Kenya

Fridah Kariuki, Miss Earth Kenya

Miss Earth Kenya dropped the weight and body measurements requirements for its 2021 auditions. Moreso, the pageant pushed its age limit to 27, contrary to other pageants that only needs contestants who are 25 years and below. It truly is a breath of fresh air and a precursor to a future where pageants will truly be empowering all women.

Miss Tourism Kenya

Picture from Miss Tourism Kenya Instagram

Miss Tourism Kenya does not care much about the weight of the contestants. While the specific audition requirements are set by the individual counties, in general Miss Tourism Kenya wants a lady who truly represents her county and her culture, regardless of what she weighs.

Miss Progress Kenya

Here is an International pageant that won’t bother you ans bully you into fitting into Western beauty standards. The pageant is held every year in Italy and has an active franchise in Kenya.

Miss Africa Calabar

Some African contestants during the 2020 edition/ Picture from Miss Africa Calabar Instagram

This pageant does the exact opposite of what the conventional pageants do.

While other pageants may lock contestants out for being a bit on the plump side, this one locks out contestants for being too slim. You have to have hips a certain size to be accepted.

I don’t truly agree with this concept because while Africans are very accepting of the curvy frame, not all African women are plus size and curvy. And to lock them out of a competition because they are slim is simply telling them they are not African enough.

You cannot fight a stereotype with another stereotype. Making women feel beautiful in their own body should cut across the body, not uplifting curvy women to be proud of their curves while making slim African women feel less of women.

Still, this is a pageant that fully embraces curvy women from all over the continent.

Miss Curvy Curve Kenya

Picture from Miss Curvy Curve Kenya Instagram

Just as the name suggests, this pageant is for Curvy women and nothing less. It aims to promote body positivity and confidence. Founded and fronted by seasoned promoter Donnah Obara, Miss Curvy Curve was on course for a 2nd Season before the pandemic bungled the plans. They even had the Top 25 finalists scouted and ready.

Miss Autism Kenya

Miss Autism Kenya is a serious pageant that crowns an ambassador that will help raise awareness on the condition. It is an intensive job, one that needs passion to fulfil.

That is why they focus more on the winner’s capability to articulate the needs of people with autism and devote herself to the cause, not the weight.

Miss University Kenya

If you are a University student, Miss University Kenya is one pageant you really need to experience. You can do this by first participating in your school’s pageant. Most University pageants aren’t very strict, thankfully.

Once you hack your campus pageant, Miss University Kenya will instil a sense of charity and duty in you, and will never once take issue with your weight. At least that was my experience.

I am sure I have left some pageants out but if you know more pageants for plus size women in Kenya could you please drop them in the comments? I will be updating the list as I come across more pageants.

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  1. Eilen Wandia says:

    Oooooh,thank you for highlighting this….as a finalist of Miss Curvy Curve Kenya,am glad there are more pageants that accept plus size women πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

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