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8 Ways to Stand out During Introduction Category in Pageants

introduction category in pageants

The Introduction category in pageants is usually the first category in every pageant, also known as opening dance. It can be in the form of an introduction dance, special choreo or individual introduction. This category is not usually judged because it is meant to be some sort of curtain raiser and a chance for the judges to see what they are working with. Because it is not judged, most models tend to overlook the introduction category in pageants to focus on the ‘more important categories. This could be a grave mistake.

Why is the introduction category important?

First impressions last

This is the first time the judges see you; the impression you create might last throughout the competition.

If you do not know the dance moves and keep falling out of sync with the rest of the contestants, you might be branded the confused one or the arrogant one who felt too important to learn some silly dance moves. It is not a good impression to create on judges.

You familiarize with the stage

You get to know the position of each judge, how the audience has been sectioned and the position of the cameras and photographers. All these are very important. You even see where your own fans are.

Familiarize with the floor

While some pageants hold rehearsals on the floor before the finale, this is not always the case, and sometimes they add more elements after rehearsals.

So there might be a carpet that might inhibit the execution of specific poses and turns that was not there before. Or a section of the stage might be slippery whereas it was not before.

All these are things you not during the introduction category.

You release the tension

The dance and choreo will help you have fun and release some of the pent-up tension you have had throughout the competition. The choreo gives most people this mad energy which helps theM attack the first judgable category with the psyche.

Remember, every time you are on the pageant stage; you are being judged. The judge might not actively put down the points on the scorecard, but they definitely take note of what you bring to the table, and it might affect scores in the subsequent categories.

Thus, the introduction category in pageants is just as important as other categories.

How to stand out during introduction category in pageants

The contestants dress the same during introduction categories or have outfits with similar colours. How does one not disappear in the sea of beauties?

1. Master the moves

Please and thank you. You might not be an excellent dancer but mastering the moves requires commitment, not talent. Synchrony is very important during the introduction category in pageants.

2. Good hair

You can have boring hair in any other category but not this one. Whether you are doing braids, or a wig, weave just make sure the hair is styled in such a way that it does not seem bland and boring. You may add hair accessories for good measure.

3. Crank up the energy!

Give an energetic performance, whether it is a dance choreo or walk choreo. Dance with psyche! Do not hold yourself back; your energy will turn lukewarm judges and audience into believers!

4. Accessorize

You might have the same outfits, but nobody said you could not throw in some accessories. It could be a simple bracelet, or ear cuff, or a Maasai headpiece.

It will keep you memorable the first time people see you. Do not over-accessorize through, also make sure your accessories do not get in the way of your dancing, like getting stuck in your hair!

5. Wear good shoes

Good shoes can argue your case and win it! While other people are stuck with nude and black platform heels, why don’t you crank it up with boots with interesting detail? Or red strappy heels? Or shoes with crystal detail?

So long as your pageant has no problem with it, you go all out. The plan is to win.

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6. Stay stylish

If you have been given the option of picking your own outfits, or you have just been given a colour as a theme – remember you are a Queen and be stylish.

If you have been simply given a brief such as white top and black pants, the question should now be – how extra, stylish, elegant can this white top be and how classy can the white pants be?

7. Good makeup

A red lip will definitely stand out on stage than a nude lip. Also, when you smile, your teeth look whiter if you have red lips on, as opposed to other hues.

Remember, drag makeup has its place and time, but the introduction category is not it.

And speaking of smiling…..

8. Smile…

A lot. A smile is the cheapest luxury you can afford in a pageant – indulge in it. Smiling will keep the attention on you and your face even if your feet are doing what they want.

Smiling also makes you look like you are having so much fun and communicates confidence.

Now you go and win!

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