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It was just a day like any other working in a cyber shop during the long holidays, when I was approached by a gentleman who worked in the nearby county offices. The county officers did a lot of their printing at the cyber where I was working after my first year in university. This gentleman told me there would be Miss Tourism Migori in a day’s time, and my response was,

“What has this to do with me?”

What I didn’t know then, but I know so well now, is that it had everything to do with me. 7 years later, the fire that was ignited in me when I finally let myself be convinced to attend the auditions, burns even more fiercely. I aced the auditions – with flying colours, I might add, despite my zero pageant experience and sub-zero catwalk skills. This is mainly because I had great speaking skills and could weave up words on the spot.

My catwalk skills have improved so much over the years but got A HUGE jumpstart during the one-month Miss Tourism Migori boot camp. Looking at me today, you would never know I am the lady who walked into the auditions room with my own version of the duckwalk. Thank God people were not that quick on their smartphones then because it would have made for one hell of a fun video on social media.

I perplexed the judges with my walk, but wowed them with my speech, and on the finals night, I, green as I was and up against seasoned ‘Nairobi Models’ placed 5th. My experience formed the policy that I live by as a pageant coach today – Queens are not born, they are made. While nature might not gift you with the whole package – a good walk, good oratory skills, wit, grace and all the things that make a beauty queen, you can learn and improve, you can also teach yourself, monitor your progress and hold yourself accountable.

My name is Audrey Rendo, known simply as ‘Rendo’ in the pageant circles. I am a pageant judge, pageant coach, pageant consultant and planner. I am a digital communications strategist who wants to share all pageant knowledge I have amassed over the years, show the entrepreneurial potential of pageants and encourage the young pageant enthusiasts I meet to exploit the pageant niches in Kenya today.

When competing myself, I could not find material to guide me through the competition – not one Kenyan blog to give me information, no social media page to keep me updated on the pageant trends, no coach I could consult with and no shop to buy the diverse pageant items.

So I started it all – Beauty Pageants Kenya – Kenya’s number 1 pageant hub, Reign Pageant Academy – a talent and entrepreneurship hub for pageant lovers; and Pageant Shop Kenya – an all-under-one-roof shop for pageant items. I am doing this not just for me, but to show people that pageants in Kenya are worth being taken seriously.

This is a journey I would very much love to take with you,

Welcome home, pageant lovers!

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