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How to Answer: What can be Done to Conserve the Environment?

What can be done to conserve the environment is such a pertinent pageant question. If you have been keen enough, you might have noticed that most pageants are incorporating an environment and conservation aspect to their values. The matter of climate change has taken centre stage in most global discourses. This means you can almost always expect this question or a variation of it in the final questions.

What the judges want

The judges want to test your awareness of matters that do with climate change and the environment. They want to see how pro active you are on such matters and if you can give actionable solutions to these matters.  They want you to expound this matter on a deeper level and not just give surface answers like plant more trees etc.

When it comes to matters environment , demonstrate your knowledge of this issue by using environment lingo and vocabulary.

Sample answer 1

There are a number of things that can be done to conserve the environment, using renewable sources of energy, reducing dependence on fossil fuel, replenishing water catchment areas, checking our overall carbon footprint. The best approach to conserve the environment, however, is for all of us to take up personal responsibility of our immediate environment, and if everyone does this, the collective impact of our individual actions will have a positive result on the environment.

Sample answer 2

Recently, President William Ruto proposed that every parent plant up to 100 trees on their children’s birthday. This is a very proactive approach to increasing our Country’s forest cover and curbing climate change. One other proactive thing I believe we should all implement is to make the move to electrical cars and reduce dependece on non-renewable sources of energy

This third sample answer was given by one of my students during our Question and Answer practice session and I thought it was a good one so I am including it here:

Sample Answer 3

We have many policies, Acts and international meetings  and conferences day in and day out meant to discuss the environment and chart the way forward. It is time to have less meetings and get on the ground and implement all curative actions that will restore our environment. Less talk, and indoor meetings, and more action.

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