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How to Answer: What Can be Done to Curb Cyberbullying?


What can be done to curb cyberbullying? This question is similar to the one Magline Jeruto was asked during Miss World 2017 where she finished Top 5.

Mental health is a discussion that has taken centre stage and as people become more aware, you can expect to see questions touching on cyberbullying, social media use, suicide rates and drug abuse for a long time.

What do the judges want?

Nobody is beyond being cyberbullied, from the president to the girl next door, people are susceptible to being bullied. The judges want to test your empathy and see if you relate to the pain of those who have been cyberbullied.
They also want real applicable solutions for curbing cyberbullying.

How to answer

When asked what can be done to curb cyberbullying, avoid fairytale solutions like people should learn to spread love etc. Be in touch with the rates of cyberbullying, cyberbullying-related suicides, the challenges governments are having in curbing cyberbullying and what governments/societies that are successful in curbing it are doing

Sample Answer 1

In my opinion, the best way to counter cyberbullying is to hold social media organisations accountable. If your platform is being used to cyberbully people, it is because you have enabled and empowered your audience to do it without consequence. Most social media channels today flag posts that mention Covid 19, they should be able to capture and ban comments that are hateful, insulting and threatening. They have the means to do this. They should also ban people who have been caught cyberbullying from their platforms. This way the cyberspace will be much healthier.

 Sample Answer 2

We avoid stealing because we know what happens to thieves; they get arrested, they get tried and they go to jail. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of cyberbullying. It is not treated as a crime, it is rarely prosecuted. Therefore, cyberbullies take advantage of the fact that the law will not catch up with them. If the government were to treat every case of cyberbullying with the seriousness it deserves, and have serious repercussions, cyberbullies will have to think twice about their actions.

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  1. Maureen says:

    Thanks you for this. My answer would have been nothing close to this…I’d be all about creating awareness as though the people writing don’t know that they are hurting the recipient… Or maybe not…

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