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How to Answer: “Who is Your Role Model?” Pageant Question

who is your role model

“Who is Your Role Model?” is a very common question in pageants. It seems simple enough, but knowing how to structure it will increase your chances.

What do the judges want when they ask this question?

When the judges ask this question, usually they want to know where you draw your inspiration from. The youth are short of role models and will follow just about any trend and anyone that appeals to them. By knowing your role models, the judges will see if the characters that appeal to you are in line with the objectives of the pageant. Who is a role model, really? A role model is someone you look up to, meaning if you had the chance you would act like them.

How to answer ‘Who is Your Role Model?”

Think away from pop stars – Please don’t say Beyoncé, we love her, we love her style, we would totally kill for her but she might not augur well with the pageant crowd.

Think away from controversial politicians

When asked this question, it is usually advised to mention well-known figures, their actions are well-known and they are easier to relate with as opposed to mentioning someone known only to you. For instance, if you say your role model is the late Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai, people already are at home with her conservation efforts and they will appreciate that you see the good in her.

If you say that your role model is your mum, you will have some serious explaining to do because you are the only one on that stage who knows your mum. This is not to say that it is a wrong answer, it will depend on how you explain your answer and relate it to the theme of the pageant.

All these pageant questions really are all about how you defend, justify and explain your answer; there is no right or wrong, just some parameters.

Sample answer 1

My role model is Michelle Obama. She is my role model because, she is a strong, educated and intelligent woman and mother. She was married to the most powerful man on the planet. Yet, she did not let her role as First Lady define her. She showed that even without the First Lady tag define her, she had and still has her own clout. She is proof that women can have it all: good education, a career of their own and a good family and the ability to rise above all negativity. Not only is she my role model, but a beacon of hope to all girls, that they can rise above all circumstances to be great people.

Sample answer 2

My role model is my mum. She is the most patient person that I know. She has not only taught me, but I have seen her put her needs aside and put those of her children and other people above hers. It is the most important quality that a parent can ever teach her child, so they grow up knowing how to be in the service of others. In the course of my charity works, many times I have been required to put my needs aside for the sake of those who need my help. This would not have been possible had my mum not demonstrated to me the need to be a selfless person.

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