Lessons from Miss Universe 2020 Contestants’ Preparation

Miss Universe 2020 was really the break we never thought we needed. I felt like in this edition, Miss Universe got a its old spark back. I attribute most of this to the efforts the individual countries and contestants made. At some point it did look like it was anybody’s game.

Here are three things I am learning from this year’s contestants preparation.

1. Go big or just go home.

In this 2020 edition, it was important for every contestant to show that they exist, – and do it in a big way. There were so many good contestants and it was so easy to fizzle out and disappear in the crowd. Thankfully, going big does not just point to expensive photoshoots, leveraging social media as a tool to engage, connect and speak about causes you care for also counts as going big.

2. Leave an impression

There is a chance you will win, there is a chance you won’t. But even then, you can create such an impression that nobody will forget you even if you do not win.

3. Pre pageant activities

The pre-pageant activities (shoots, video, interviews) are very important. Because in the 7 days of Miss Universe, there will be so many girls all over the world competing for attention, yet your access to photoshoots, videos on your own terms will be limited. So do the most you can before the competition because your brand and pageant reputation precedes you! The whole world should be looking forward to seeing you at the main competition and anticipating your arrival because of the impression you have given then.

Pageants are all inner beauty, speech and confidence but let nobody lie to you that how you present/sell yourself will not matter. First impressions last!


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