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List of Beauty Pageants in Kenya 2022

This is a list of beauty pageants in Kenya. This list includes the major pageants, smaller local pageants and international pageants that have no national director.

Contestants who would like to participate in international pageants with no local franchises will have to do so on a self sponsored basis.

There are international pageants which have national directors or franchise holders, but will still require you to sponsor yourself to the pageant. Such pageants always work on appointed queen basis.

There are also pageants that require you to be part of an academy/ training outfit to be selected for one of the pageants the organization represents locally.

Miss World Kenya

The reigning Miss World Kenya is Sharon Obara, who took over from Wavinya Maria

These are the requirements of joining Miss World Kenya

Miss Universe Kenya

The reigning Miss Universe Kenya is Roshanara Ebrahim. These are the requirements for joining Miss Universe Kenya

Miss Earth Kenya

The reigning Miss Earth Kenya is Stacy Chumba. These are the Miss Earth Audition requirements.

Miss Tourism Kenya

Sarah Pkyach is the last Miss Tourism Kenya to win in an actual countrywide competition that incorporated county-level hits.

Since then, Miss Tourism Kenya has selected its representatives on an appointment basis, mainly from the pool of former Miss Tourism Kenya contestants.

Brenda came after Sarah, and now we have Fridah Gacheri as the reigning Miss Tourism Kenya. Hopefully, there will be an actual competition this year, despite it being an election year.

Miss Intercontinental Kenya

The beautiful Linda Loya is the reigning Miss Intercontinental Kenya.

When she went to Egypt, she won the Miss Congeniality and Miss Inspirational awards.

She also brought something back, she is now the current national director of Miss Intercontinental Kenya and will be giving the way forward on this year’s edition.

Beauty of Africa Pageant Kenya

This pageant sends a representative to the continental pageant in Nigeria, and also appoints another to the Miss International pageant.

Miss International Kenya

To win Miss International Kenya, you may have first compete in the BAIP pageant.

Miss Philanthropy Kenya

This pageant is based in Nigeria and requires its contestants to participate in various charity activities. The reigning queen in Mercy Kalyan.

Miss University Africa  – Kenya

This pageant is open to all students in tertiary institutions, expect those who currently hold the main titles of their university.

Mr and Miss University Kenya

This pageant brings together winners of university pageants in Kenya to compete for a unified crown.

Miss Africa Calabar

Miss Africa Calabar is held in Nigeria, though it was pushed to later this year.

Miss Progress Kenya

Miss Progress Kenya was previously held by Pageant coach and judge Audrey Rendo, who was succeeded by Irene Ng’endo.

Irene the proceeded to went to win Miss Africa Calabar and won, and is now Miss Grand Kenya

Miss Grand Kenya

After a long hiatus, Irene Ng’endo represented Kenya in the 2021 edition of Miss Grand International and placed semi finalist.

Whoever wants to be Miss Grand Kenya must follow her steps and compete on a self sponsored basis.

Mrs Universe Kenya

Miss Planet Kenya

Miss Aura Kenya

Miss Global Vision World Kenya

Miss Top Model Kenya

Crystal Queen Kenya

Miss Legacy Universe Kenya

Kenya Unforgettable Beauty

Miss County

Her Excellency International – Kenya

Miss Polo Kenya

Miss Eco Kenya

Miss Supranational Kenya

Miss East Africa – Kenya

Miss Elite Kenya

What other pageants have we left out? Kindly remind us in the comments. If you wish for your pageant to be profiled on this website, reach us via 0705788184

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