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Miss Face of Humanity Kenya Nzisa Mutulu Partners with Eye Style Optician for Eye Screening Exercise

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Miss Face of Humanity Kenya, Miss Nzisa Mutulu has partnered with Eye Style Optician to for an eye screening exercise that will take place in a number of Counties in Kenya.

A series of eight regional eyes surveys were conducted in Kenya as part of the Kenya Rural Blindness Prevention Project. The results showed that 0.7% of rural Kenyans are blind in the better eye by WHO standards, and another 2.5% suffer significant visual impairment.

Rates of visual loss tend to increase five-fold in each 20-year age cohort. Females have a higher prevalence of visual loss than males over age 20, and certain geographical areas have markedly higher rates. The commonest cause of both blindness and visual impairment is cataracts, accounting for 38% of all visual loss.

The Eye Style Optician is set to partner with the crowned Miss Face Of Humanity Kenya Miss Nzisa Matulu, in pioneering an EYESIGHT CAMPAIGN in different counties in Kenya, starting with Ikutha Hospital on 7th July 2021 in Kitui County.

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