Miss Universe Kenya 2021 Auditions Requirements

Call for Entry – Miss Universe Kenya 2021

We are inviting contestants to apply for the Official Kenya Preliminaries to Miss Universe 2021 ®

  • Must be a Citizen of Kenya (can have dual citizenship)
  • Must be between 18 years to 27 years old during application
  • Should not have kids / Never had kids
  • Should not be married / never married
  • Should hold a valid current passport
  • Should be able to speak and understand English
  • Can either be studying or working


A. Upload a 15 sec (max) video detailing the following:
1. Your name | Age | Where do you live (County)
2. Hobbies
3. Family detail
4. What you do for a living or currently doing with yourself | What you are passionate about?
5. Something you are proud of yourself for | What skills and strengths you will bring if shortlisted?
6. Why is Miss Universe important to you? | Why you are contesting for MUKe?
7. Snippets of you modelling
8. Element of humor
[Ensure video clarity is of good quality]

B. Upload photos that will best portray you and why you should be shortlisted for Miss Universe Kenya National Preliminaries

C. Upload your identification documents (passport, ID) and relevant certificates (school, college, university, professional training)

Apply now : CLICK HERE for the form

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