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Miss Universe Kenya 2021 – How it Went Down

Miss Universe Kenya 2021 took place 30th October 2021 at Havila Garden, and I was lucky enough to attend it! This is a breakdown of everything that took place.

Venue 7/10

The venue was Havila Garden – a cosy hidden gem in Ruaka that I didn’t even know existed until the event. The event took place under marquee tent that let a lot of sunlight in – and open places make me happy. And there was food, good food at that. Everyone ate to their fill before the event started.

Time 4/10

The event was supposed to start at 2pm, but ended up starting at around 5pm. I arrived at around 4pm.

I have never been so happy to be late because that would otherwise have been a pretty long wait. In my entire pageant experience, I have never known a Kenyan pageant to start early, so I was very deliberate about coming late. The only Italian pageant I ever went to started late too, so I guess it is a pageant thing.

I filled the waiting time eating, telling Angela Wambui KQ – Kenyan Queen how gorgeous she was (she was gorg!) and nagging Cecelia from Tiny Planet Kenya to take more photos of me. She was thankfully so lovely about it (Pole Cess!🤣) Here are some photos she took.

Attendance 8/10

The attendance was low because, COVID. The event was strictly invite-only and there must have been 50 of us, or less.

This is going to sound selfish but I loved the low attendance. It was good for my social anxiety and I found myself very willing to speak to people because I was comfortable.

But I know this cannot work for pageants, other times tickets have to be sold! Also the more the merrier. Would have been nice for other people to experience the event but the guidelines had to be strictly followed. So we cross fingers and hope the next will be bigger.

The models 10/10

Oh, they were lovely. All 9 of them. Very well-spoken ladies. I felt bad for the judges!

The catwalk 5/10

The catwalk left a lot to be desired to be very honest. You would expect more power, more entertainment, more sensuality, better stage presence, more wicked turns and poses because hey, this is Miss Universe after all!

But then again the ladies hardly had enough time to be trained. The best models of the day were Asiko Lela (I coached her but you can ask anyone, she killed it), Nicole Wijass and Esther Ochieng’.

The QnA round 8/10

The Top 5 was made up of Pascaline Jebet, Maren Clera, Asiko Lela, Roshanara Ebrahim and Esther Ochieng. Roshanara ate up this round, tbh. My other personal favourites for QnA were Pascaline and Maren.

The winners 10/10

The winners Miss Universe Kenya 2021 is Roshanara Ebrahim. Miss Universe Kenya 1st Runners-up is Asiko Lela and Miss Universe Kenya 2021 2nd Runner-up is Esther Ochieng’.

With Roshanara Ebrahim, Miss Universe Kenya 2021
Suns out, legs out

Production 5/10

The production looked like what an under two weeks’ production should look like.  Given this timeline, it was okay. I actually loved it, and there were behind-the-scene videos which were just flawless.

The décor was great and the outdoorsy feel was so nice. You may have had to be there to see and feel it, otherwise pictures paint a very lame picture of the whole thing. But then again, that is my opinion.

I might be a little biased because I just loved that there was no huge crowd so my social battery drained slower and allowed me to soak in every moment.

Areas to improve on.

Give the winner a car! 😅

For real though, I wish there was an upfront cash prize for the winner, and other goodies.

Also good pre-pageant branding. I think this is where South Africa kills it – they create so much hype around the event and bolster it with consistent branding, shoots and all of that. Very good for catching the sponsors’ eyes. And better production


I would give Miss Universe Kenya 2021 a 7/10 for the following reasons:

They didn’t wait to have enough resources to pull it off, they worked with what they had. And for me, having a modest event is way better than watching Miss Universe finals without a Kenyan rep.

They did everything in two weeks (good)

They did everything in two weeks (bad, because many good contestants were locked out due to the short notice)

The branding and online presence could be better

The inter-franchise transition could have been handled better (and the mud-slinging that followed was just plain unprofessional)

Otherwise, great event!

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  1. Eilen Wandia says:

    Guuuuuurl,I agree with every single word you said 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
    With a span of two weeks,they outdid themselves 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
    Kudos to the new management

    Time 😂😂😂

    1. They tried

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