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Miss USA Gabriel R’Bonney Wins Miss Universe 2022

Gabriel R'Bonne Miss Universe

Miss USA Gabriel R’Bonney has won Miss Universe 2022. The 28-year-old Filipino-American model and fashion designer beat 83 other ladies from different countries across the globe to wear the Miss Universe Force for Good crown.

1st Runner up went to Venezuela’s Amanda Dudamel and while Dominican Republic’s Andreína Martínez clinched third place, a position otherwise known as 2nd Runner-up.

The competition was held in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Gabriel R’Bonney Miss USA Scandal

Gabriel’s Miss USA win was proceeded by one of the worst pageant scandals, with a section of the ladies from her class crying foul over apparent favouritism and bias. This led then the National Director Crystal Stewart to step aside in order to pave way for investigations.

“I hope it just proves to everyone, not as revenge, but just shows people that I deserve this,” Gabriel told Insider when asked about the allegations.

Miss Universe 2022

Come the Miss Universe competition, Gabriel was a clear standout and her position as the one to beat was clearly defined after the preliminary competition.

Top 16 Miss Universe 2022

1. Puerto Rico – Ashley Carino

2. Haiti – Mideline Phelizor

3. Australia – Monique Riley

4. Dominican Republic – Andreina Martinez

5. Laos – Payengxa Lor

6. South Africa – Ndavi Nokeri

7. Portugal – Telma Madeira

8. Canada – Amelia Tu

9. Peru – Alessia Rovegno Cayo

10. Trinidad and Tobago – Tya Jane Ramey

11. India – Divita Rai

12. Venezuela – Amanda Dudamel Newmen

13. Spain – Alicia Faubel

14. Curacao – Gabriela Dos Santos

15. USA- R’bonney Gabriel

16. Colombia – Maria Fernanda Aristzabal

Prize of beauty

Gabriel’s great catwalk skills, coupled with her articulation bagged her the Universe’s most sought after crown.

Despite her undeniable skills, she had to make great sacrifices in order to bag the crown.  The beauty queen has revealed in a recent interview that she had to forego showering several times in order to maintain her tan. She also did not wash her hair for the whole duration of the Miss Universe boot camp so the hair products could set and her hair would maintain its lustre.

“People think it’s funny because we come onstage and we look so beautiful and fresh,” Gabriel said with a laugh. “But I actually felt so dirty by the time I was at the final,” she said.

Beauty Pageants Kenya wishes Gabriel R’Bonney the very best reign as Miss Universe 2022.

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