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Model Portfolio – 7 Photos You Should Have

Modeling portfolios are important, be it for beauty pageant models or commercial and high fashion models.

Often a model is asked to send in between three to five photos for open calls. While the portfolio might have more, these are the basic photos that every model should have in their portfolios.

Portfolios should be updated as often as possible to keep your looks updated. For this post, I will use the pictures of Asiko Lela, Miss Universe Kenya 2021 1st Runner-up. Find her on IG @asiko_lela

Beauty shot

It should show your face at its most simple because what matters is the structure of your face. The makeup should be kept at minimum and mostly nude. For beauty queens/kings you may smile here, for commercial models, do not smile.

Full body shot

Shows body from head to toe. The model should wear form-fitting clothes that reveal the build and structure of their bodies. Simple jeans and tank tops are just fine.


Swim wear go best with glam make-up. Swimsuits do not have to be provocative.

Editorial shot

This is where you go all out and show your modelling at its best. Experiment with makeup, sets and concepts. It should be one picture that communicates diversity, flexibility and talent.

Parting shot

This is the last picture in your portfolio. It should be just like the beauty shot but shot at a stronger angle.

It had better be good and impactful because it is the one that will be remembered best.

The first picture, and your parting shot should be strong because often they are the ones that get remembered most.

Other important shots besides the five basic ones, especially for high fashion models, are as follows:


This is a make-up free headshot, showing your face bare. It is especially important for high fashion and catwalk models.

Commercial shot

If you want to be a commercial model, include a commercial shot that shows/depicts you in a commercial/advert setting. Show that you are able to convey emotions and play the part as the commercial/advert demands.

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