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Pro Pageant Tips for Short Girls

If there is one question I get asked a lot, it is the height question in pageants. Unfortunately, height is one of those things that you cannot change – you can change how you speak, how you dress, how you work out – but you cannot add a few inches to your frame. I am a bit on the short side myself, and these are pageant tips for short girls that I have always applied to create an illusion (keyword is illusion) of being tall.

Most of the time when people meet me they always go – wait! You are so tiny! Why do you look so tall in your pictures? Well, here’s how to:

1. Hold your hair up in a bun or ponytail to add more inches to your look.

2. Learn to walk in higher heels (3.5 – 4 inches might not cut it. Get used to the 5s and 6s)

3. Invest in outfits that make you look taller.

4. Learn to take longer strides when walking

5. Avoid trotting (bending your knees when catwalking) as it may make your already short strides look even shorter.

6. Avoid baggy clothes that will overwhelm your frame.

7. Maintain the right posture as you stand, sit and walk. Do not slouch

And if you are still worried about your height, use this tips to ace your pageant despite  your height.

8. Go for auditions anyway, it is not your work to tell yourself no. If the scouts say no, you cannot audition, then that’s fine. But before they do that, do not set limits for yourself.

You might not make it through the auditions, but at least you will not be seated home wondering what would have happened had you auditioned.

9. Try commercial modeling. Do not confine yourself to just pageants or high fashion. Commercial modelimg accommodates models of different heights, body types and is more diverse.

10. Work on other areas of pageantry to make up for the lost inches. If the judges are faced with the decision to crown a 5’7 girl who can speak or a 6’3 lady who can’t speak to save herself, the former will very most likely carry the day.

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